Smart Plug


  • The Smart Plug gives you Smart control of your electricity outlet. Turn on/off any electronic device in your home environment using the LifeSmart™ App. Preset triggers and control energy consumption. Enable any item that is plugged in the outlet to become Smart device. Use the LifeSmart™ App to turn on and off anything in your home. And pair the Smart Plug with any Sensor to trigger control of your home devices.
    • Size : 64*64*35mm
    • Wireless Distance : 400m (open field)
    • Weight : 140g
    • Operating Humidity : 5 ~ 95%
    • Color :Ivory white
    • Operating Temperature : -5 ~ 45°C
    • Operating voltage : 220VAC
    • Operating Frequency : 433MHz GFSK
    • Electrostatic power consumption : Maximum 1.5W
    • Maximum load current : 2500W (250V 10A)






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