The dawn of the smart home is upon us - are you ready?

by LIFESMART SINGAPORE September 26, 2016

September 23, 2016
See ya, light switches

Smart technology is changing every aspect of home life. Image: Stanisic Vladimir/Shutterstock

Have you ever arrived at work and panicked that you left the oven on?

Or gone on holiday and not been able to shake the feeling that you forgot to turn your bedroom light off?

Perhaps you’re concerned about how safe your home is from break-ins, or would like to be able to remotely check in on your sick grandmother to check she’s ok.

These worries could soon be a thing of the past with the rise in smart homes, which, with everything in your home connected and tracked via a smart phone app, can give you instant access to your property from anywhere in the world.


Have you ever fantasized that your coffee machine would get to work five minutes before your alarm? Or that your air conditioning would start cooling your living room in preparation of your return? Perhaps you are bringing a special someone home for the first time, and would like to have mood lighting and music ready?

“The smart home should be secure, energy saving, and should provide you with a better lifestyle”
These things can now be automated and managed remotely, and your home can truly start to work for you, offering unprecedented levels of comfort (or laziness – depending on how you view it).

Smart technology, although it may sound niche, is all but expected in today’s luxury homes. A recent study showed that 54 percent of home buyers would opt for a property with smart technology over one without, even if all other aspects were equal.

We had a lot of questions regarding this technology, so, thanks to BEX Asia, we managed to sit down with some people who know a thing or two about it – Denny Dong and Alex Lim of LifeSmart.

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